Monday, 21 November 2016

Back to blonde with Xfactor hair extensions.

Hi everyone!
So if you follow me on Instagram (iclelivzi) you will know that I have recently gone back to my blonde ombre colour!. I looked at old photos and missed the colour it was, so I decided to have a change and try my best to get it back, and I did. I embraced wearing no extensions for a while as I had none to match my new hair colour but it was only so long before I went back to them. If you are a reader of my blog or watch my videos, you will know that I have been going to X factor hair extensions for my Microrings for a few years now, they are my ultimate favourite place for hair extensions as they always look amazing!. You can tell how amazing they are with the picture above. My hair is slightly darker blonde than the extensions, but they added light blonde and a darker blonde extensions to blend in with my colour and it turned out perfect, its the exact blonde that I wanted to be!. I have had a super deulxe head fitted as I have the thickest of thickest hair in 20inch. If you didn't know they also have a clip in range (I blogged about me working with them in my last post) and we added one of the Instalocks by Jess Impiazzi in this photo just to give it that extra volume!. I couldn't recommend them enough if you live in the Yorkshire area, or even if you use clip ins you can order them without living in Yorkshire!. I can't thank them enough for giving me back my Princess hair.
What do you think to my blonder hair?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx