Thursday, 28 July 2011

Battle of the highlighters!

I have a new thing for highlighters at the min so i recentley picked up a Primark one which cost me £1 and a Make believe one which was £7, So i wanted to do a test to see which really was worth my money!.

 The Primark Highlighter is a baked highlighter which also comes with a mirror on the back so 10/10 for the packagaing!. The colour is quite gold which does show up very shimmery so is deffo worth a pound.
The Make believe highlighter is more of a cream highlighter rather than a powder one, It has shown up very well on the picture but i really do like this highlighter and hve worn it ever since i bought it. The colour is a natural silvery colour which i do prefer.
Whats your favourite highlighter?.
Lots of love

17 Faslsifeye mascara + free gift!

The brush is so huge i love it!, its more of a natural brush than a plastic one which doesnt really bothere me either way. The mascara makes your eyelashes look a little bit clumpy which i prefer my eyelashes to look like anyway rather than natural so if you dont like that than this probably isnt the mascara for you. I got it from boots for £6.49.
Have you tried Falsifeye?.
Lots of love

OOTD 28/07/2011

Top: Primark
Cardigan: Primark
Shorts: New Look
Ring: Primark
Wellies: Muddz Sparkle

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Its my birthday next week and my boyfriend made me a very special present! he is an electrcian and decided he was going to make me a mirror with lightbulbs on as i have always wanted one as a little girl. It took alot of work and effort. It took him two days to make and alot of stress haha!. Once it was finished the wood was green which i really didnt fancy a green mirror in my pink bedroom lol so i decided with my handy work to paint the mirror myself and this is the outcome.

I Decided to put 9it behing my nail racks which i also made myself haha!, we make quite a handy little D.I.Y couple lol, so now i have my own little dressing table. Its amazing and i couldnt of bought a proffessional one which looks better i absalutley love it and think i have an amazing boyfriend for making me such a beautiful mirror.
Do you have a hollywood mirror?.
Lots of love

Make up insperation picture: Miley Cyrus

Everyone knows how much I LOVE Miley Cyrus haha but I always like to base my make up look on one certain image, as i am quite pale i only ever suit nude lip and pinky colours on my cheeks. About a year ago i found a pic of Miley at some awards i cant remember which haha but ever since i found it i have always wore my make up how she has hers in this piccie. I think that this is the best that she has ever looked which is pretty much hard to top because she is beautiful, but anyway here is the pic.
Who is your make up insperation?
Lots of love

Girl crush: DEV

Whilst everyone elses girl crush is someone like Beyonce or Cheryl Cole, Dev is my new girl crush! If you dont know who she is you will probably know her from the 'like a G6' song or 'bass down low' she is also in JLS new song calles 'She makes me wanna' but anyway enough of that, for some strange reason i think shes gorgeous! shes so different and unusual i usually hate tattoos and facial piercings etc but I think she has just something so different about her, i love her voice and her quirky hairstyles!. I love her bone structure and i think she just has such an amazing face, without trying to sound two much like a lesbian obviously haha (which i am not) i just think she is gorgeous!.

Whos your girl crush?
Lots of love


I recentley graduated as i am now a fully qualified beauty therapist woooo! So I thought i would share a few pics with you from my night, i had the most amazing night and ended up getting a merit in my overall grade and i was so please with that! I am ging to miss all my college friends so much and i loved every minuite at my college so it was sad to ay goodbye to everyone.

Make up
Foundation- Rimmel
Blusher- Accessorize 'Sensation'
Eyeshadow- Sleek storm palette
Lips- E.LF 'natural nymph'

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sleek Aruba Blush

Iv seen so many people blog about this blush for ages now and i couldnt get hold of it because sleek are not bringing it out until the 6th of july and because i aam so inpatient i finally found a brand new one on ebay and bought it! the colour is called Aruba and it is abasalutley amazing! i am in love i always wear it when i have a tan because it compliments it so much.
                                                        Gorgeous packaging

It is such an amazing colour, alot of people will be put off by the colour because it is so bright! but it blends in so easy and really does complient any skin tone, i think when it comes out it is about £4.99 so i recomend everyone gets down to superdrug on the 6th of july as it is limited edition!!.
Lots of love

OOTD 05/07/2011

                                       I realise i look about 100 stone on this pic

Shorts- New Look
Vest- Topshop
Necklace- New Look
Bracelets- My jewellery range- The Vintage Cave