Friday, 31 May 2013

She likes

                                                                 Dress- She likes
Just a quick outfit post as it is extra sunny outside today so I thought that I would change it up a bit and take a few pictures outside, I have much more room than in my garden so I can use my HD camera which is always better! I have this style of dress from Missguided, you may have seen it in a previous post, but this one from She likes is more fitted, it is a really nice fit and a nice length too! I love anything ombre so I had to get this!
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Romwe summer sale!

Another quick blog post to let you all know about yet another Romwe sale! As it is slowly approaching Summer Romwe are holding a sale with up to 20% off some selected items! It starts on the 25th of May! Just click on the link to see what you can find! http://www.romwe.com/Memorial-Day-Sale-c-211.html?pp=3400
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Motel Rocks from day to night!

                                                Playsuit- Motel Rocks at Love clothing
                                                  Skirt- Motel Rocks Love clothing
                                                                Top- Topshop
Hi everyone, bit of a different outfit post today, I thought I would do a outfit post ft two items from Motel rocks. I love the clothes from there so thought I would put a few outfits together. I think this playsuit is going to be so cute in the summer, its a denimy feel but really light material and has a elasticated waist. I teamed this digital print skirt with this plain top but you can also get the skirt in a top version which would look so good as a two piece! They can be found on the motel rocks website or on the love clothing website, but I do have a discount code to get 20% off the Motel website if anyone is interested as mentioned above :)
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My size and weight and why I am so small.

Hi everyone! Basically I wanted to do a different sort of post today, I am constantly getting rude comments on my videos/blog pictures about my weight. I have started to upload a lot more lookbooks recently as I love doing fashion related videos and I feel like a lot of people prefer those sort of videos, but the more I put on and the more you can see my full body, the more and more hate I get. I recently got a comment which made me want to write this up and a video (which will be uploaded next week) just explaining everything about my size and weight. The comment said something like, 'these videos make me uncomfortable you are too skinny I am unsubscribing' and it really really annoyed me. Usually I don't get too annoyed about hate comments, I sort of just brush them off and laugh because they really don't bother me but when it comes to my weight it does because I am naturally like this! 
Starting with my eating, I don;t usually eat breakfast because I tend to sleep in a lot, I usually wake up around the half eleven mark and I then eat my dinner at 12 which will usually consist of some sort of sandwich with salad in, a packet of crisps, and maybe a biscuit. Now to me I see that as a normal meal, I will then snack through out the day on things like chocolate and crisps, I am not the healthiest of people when it comes to eating but then around half 6ish I will have my tea with my family which is usually something like Shepards pie and vegetables  or pasta bake and then I will usually have two yoghurts for my pudding. After this I usually get bored later on at night and that's when I start to eat loads of crap, I will usually have some toast or cereal or something like that around 9ish. So when it comes to my eating I think that I eat pretty normally, the only time I don't eat is when I am feeling down or I am upset about something, I am one of those people who won't eat for days on end if I'm upset and I am extremely fussy with food, like I don't like a lot of things but the foods I do like I will eat all the time and I love them. In general I love food and I always have done.
I am the laziest person that you will probably ever meet, I don't really do any sort of exercise  I have a few walks into the village with my friend maybe a couple of times a week and that about as much as it gets! I'v had comments saying things like my belly can't naturally be that toned, to be honest I think I am pretty lucky with my belly, last year I was determined to get a 6 pack for some reason and use to do quite a lot of sit ups but apart from that I have never done any sort of exercise on my belly to make it toned. So to clear all this up I basically don't work out, I don't go to the gym or anything like that.
From the extremely old pictures I have uploaded which you can laugh at I will let you, you can see when I was younger in my school days which was around 4 years a go now, I had a fatter face, I think that was more like having a baby face and as I'v got older I have just lost that, and I think I do look a little bigger I think I was around a size 8 on the really old photos, but again I think it was more like puppy fat and I hadn't fully developed yet. When I'm blonde this is where I have physically looked my skinniest, I had a illness where something was wrong with my intestines, which meant I would throw up every day and this was for two weeks none stop, I was really poorly and on top of that I got food poisoning at the same time so I lost a lot of weight then, especially on my legs which you can probably tell. Last year would of been me at my heaviest which was around 7 and a half stone, I remember trying to pull up a pair of size 6 shorts and I couldn't get them over my bum, which you can see in the picture where I have disco pants in actually looks quite big but I love my bum on that picture and wish that I still had it! The ones next though I hate, I feel like I look really wide and I just hate it!. Now I am 6 and a half stone and I am around 5ft which I don't think is too skinny for my age, I feel happy with my weight at the minute I would just prefer a bigger bum and boobs but wouldn't every body haha!.
Starting on YouTube I never thought it would get as big as it has done and I am so grateful for that, I am so grateful for all the lovely comments that I get daily and the ones that say things like 'your figure is to die for', but then I get comments saying things like you are a bad role model to girls, you are making them want to have a eating disorder. Now coming on youtube I never expected to be anyone's role model, all I expected was a little hobby sharing my fashion and beauty tips with other girls, I never intentionally wanted to become anyone's role model I mean don't get me wrong I am flattered by that but I will never ever hold myself responsible as people having a eating disorder as I don't have one myself, I have never told people what to eat or what size they should wear on my videos, all I'm doing is videos just like every other youtuber does and I don't see why just because I am slightly smaller that the average girl I shouldn't be able to do the fashion side of youtube!. I am size 4 on my bottom half and usually a size 6 on my top half but I am not saying that everyone has to be my size, everyone is built different just like I am!. People would not say to a overweight person, ' you are too fat stop eating burgers' but they think its acceptable to say things like 'you are too skinny go eat a pie' just because I am skinny, it is the exact same thing and it is rude to comment on somebody else's weight, especially if you don't know the story behind somebody's weight.
Thank you
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and leaves me the lovely comments, you are the ones who make me want to do the fashion videos as cheesy as that sounds but I love you all and hope this has helped anyone who is feeling the same as me about being naturally small. I hope you had a good giggle at my old pictures too!
Lots of love Liv

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Summer palm trees and bad hair day!

                                                                  Body- Romwe
                                                                  Skirt- Topshop
Hi everyone! Please excuse my hair it is such a mess today just wouldn't go right at all but anyway It is quite nice weather today and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear this body from Romwe. I have being dying to wear it so I thought instead of dressing up for a night out I would dress it down for the day time. It is actually a swimming costume but I think it looks really good as a body as it has completely no back in at all. Now I do find it hard trying to find a bra, but I tend to use those ones that stick on as I couldn't not wear one at all. I love the colours on this and Romwe do it in quite a few different designs. I paired it with this skater skirt from Topshop because it tucks in and you cant see the line at the bottom!
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

OOTD Karma & Tie dye

                                                     Dress- Karma clothing
Hi everyone! I showed this dress recently in a haul video that I did on youtube, I have a massive thing for dye dye at the minute, I love all the different colours mixed together and the patterns. I recently got this dress from a website called Karma clothing, I haven't actually ever heard of them before but they have some really good key pieces and at really cheap prices! This dress is £12.99 and I think for a dress you can't go wrong at that price! I love skater style dresses with short sleeves, I think they are going to look so good in the summer when its warm enough to get your legs out. I would definitely reccomend checking Karma clothing out if you like these sort of dresses as they have a few different designs at really good prices!
Lots of love 
Liv xxxx

Monday, 6 May 2013

Goodnight Macaroon sale!

Hi everyone! I have recently discovered a new website called Goodnight Macaroon, It has some of the most cutest items that I have come across in a while, including bandeau tops and jewellery! They are currently having their 'mid crazy sale' which has items up to 90% off that's crazy!.
I'm not sure if many of you have heard of the website before so I wanted to let you all know about it, I hope you all love the items as much as I do and I hope you all manage to grab yourself a bargain in the mad sale! :)
Lots of love Liv