Thursday, 30 June 2011


When I recentley weent to asda i realised that they were doing a offer on rimmel make up which was everything under £5 so me being me i bought some foundation for £4.98 and the new mascara called 'Day 2 Night' for £4.98. It is a mascara which has two different brushes, one is for lengthening and one is for volumisng. Im not sure on the normal price but i think its around £8.
                                      I love the bright pink and black packaging.
 The first brush which is the volumising brush is very thick and has alot of brissels on it.
 The second brush is alot thinner for lengthening which helps seperate the lashes from been clumpy as it doesnt have two many brissels on it.

This is the result of what my eyelashes look like with the mascara, i generally have quite short eyelashes anyway but the mascara did do a amazing job and i love it for the price!.
Have you tried the new rimmel mascara?
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


When I recentley went to Primark, I looked at the make up wich i dont really look at because i thought it would be naf but when i cam accross the bronzer i thought it looked amazing for £2.50, the bronzer itself is huge! and the colours are gorgeous as is the leopard print design. When the lady scanned it through and it was only £1.00 i was chuffed!.
                                              Amazing leopard print design!.
                                                         Beautiful colours!.
As you can see from the swatch it is highly pigmented i hardly needed to touch it and the colour came out like this!, i will deffo be buying more of this im amazed!.
have you ever bought make up from Primark?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


If you watch my youtube videos you will know that i am trying to collect all of the accessorize blushers, they retail in superdrug or on the accessorize website for just £5, which im quite impressed with. They are the most gorgeous bushers, most of them two toned and they are all baked so look amazing on the skin. They really remind me of the Mac mineralize blushers but at a fraction of the price. Im not sure how many different colours there is but i have 3 at the moment and i will be getting them all!.
                           Gorgeous girly packaging with gold butterflies.
                                     From L-R Starlet, Pretty Pink, Wowzer.
                                           Starlet swatch a lovley pinky colour.
                                                                Pretty pink.
                                        Leaves a very shimmery peachy finish.
 Gorgeous bright pink and shimmer.

I am in love with the blushers and love all the other accessorize products two!.
have you tried accessorize?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


Sleek have made another collection called ' The Caribbean' collection which also contains lots of bright products!, They are not realisng it (in superdrug and on the website) till early july so I was lucky ennough to get the pout polish from ebay brand new for £4.99. The colour and the packaging is amazing, i love sleep make up because i think they always look very well made, and the pout polish is very highly pigmented!.
                                                   Amazing packaging!
 DO NOT be put off by this colour! it is very sheer and goes on very glossy! it is a very light shade of orange and is perfect for the summer!.
What do you think of the pout polish?.
Lots if love
Liv xxxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I have recentley started my own jewellery range called the vintage cave you can follow it on twitter and order through there @thevintage cave or on here or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Thevintagecave/117974778291450 its your choice!!. I have a few pics of the elastic style bracelets to show you but i will be having lots more stock arriving and will be making necklaces and charm bracelets!! the elastic bracelets are £5 each and i can make in any colour

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I recentley popped into boots to see that 17 had brought out a new range called Miami Pop, which includes a bronzer at £4.99, 2 nail polishes at £2.99 and a lipgloss which im not sure of the price. I bought the bronzer and the nail polishes which then ended up in me getting a free gift!. In Boots at the mo if you buy two 17 products you get a nail bar bag for free! you get in the bag 2 nail polishes, a nail file and some nail art stickers all wrapped up in pink paper in a gift bag, i was loving it!.

Im in love with the bronzer its gorgeous! I have worn it everyday since I have bought it!.
You better be quick though because Miami pop is only in stores for 4weeks!.
What do you think of miami pop?.
Lots of love

Liv xxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

SUMMER OOTD 14/6/2011

Playsuit- H&M
Sunglasses- Primark
Headband- Primark
Bracelet at top of my arm- ASOS

What do you think?
Lots of love Liv xxxx


If you follow me on Twitter than you will know i have recentley been wanting somewhere to store my nail polishes as i have two many now!, so i searched and searched for shelfs and racks online and couldnt find anything, so me and my boyfriend took a trip to B&Q and bought 10 packs of door wedges for 10p each BARGIN! and some no more nails glue and stuck them all together to make a nail rack.
 This is what it looked like once we had stuck them all together with the glue
Then this is what it looks like after i painted it, Perfect! it holds all my nail polishes and still has alot more room for more!.
where do you store your nail polishes?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx


If you watched one of my recent youtube videos you will know that i got sent some jewellery homemade by hellbellsfashion, she told me that she was making anklets for £7 and i just had to get one because anklets are really in for this summer! She also sent me some amazing feather earings aswell in the colour bright pink, I think she knows me two well! Also if any item has pink on it she will giveaway £1 to cancer charity as she has suffered from cancer in the past but has beaten it. I was really happy with the things that she sent me so here are a few piccies.
 My beautiful anklet which can be made in different colours and different designs.
                   My BRIGHT pink feather earings with stars all down the middle!.
This is what they look like in but please do ignore my read ear haha!!.

this is her facebook page where you can order from http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hellsbellsfashion/172479679474060?ref=ts also follow her on twitter @thorpey23 she is so helpful and always up for a chat!!.
Lots of love Liv 

NOTD 16/06/2011

My nails of today are Barry M in the shade 'Indigo' this was a very hard shade to picture as it is a very purpley bluey colour but it just looks more bluey on picturs but still i love this colour and i got it from superdrug for £2.99.

What nail polish are you wearing today?
Lots of love Liv xx


I have recentley been watching a few peoples youtube videos and they have mentioned the new sleek make up collection which is called the mediterranean collection. They have brought out a blusher, pot polish and a eyeshaddow palette. I didnt purchase the palette because i dont tend to really use really bright eyeshaddows but i did buy the pout polish and blusher from www.sleekmakeup.com, the delievery was £2.95 i think but i ordered on the moday and recieved on the wednesday morning which i was very impressed with!.
 As you can see the packaging is absalutley gorgeous! i am in love with the design!!
 The colour of the pout polish in shade 'Monte Carlo' which is £4.30 it is a very vibrant purple pink colour with a very glossy shine to it!!.

 As you can see from the picture the pout polish is very shiny!!
 Now DO NOT be put off how bright this blusher is!! it is very easy to blend, but i am so impressed how pigmented the blusher is its a beautiful colour and i think everyone needs this in there collection as its very rare to get a colour like this. This costs £4.30 in the colour 'Santorini'.
Everyone needs to go out and buy this collection as it is limited edition and they are truley beautiful colours!!.
Have you tried the Sleek mediterranian collection?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Loreal Paris 'perfect clean' face wash

I have recentley been looking for some sort of new cleanser, after using simple for a couple of years i decided i needed a change. I cam accross a loreal paris one which had some sort of gadget to help you clean your face with, its a little scrub which is made of rubber and it helps to gentley exfoliate the skin whist cleansing. I bought the pink one which isd for sry sking (which I have) but you can also buy for different skin types.

And the verdict?. I atchually love this cleanser!, why not kill two birds with one stone and exfoliate while you are cleansing!, it has left my skin feelin soft and so far i love it!.
have you tried it yet?

Lots of love Liv xx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Okay so this is my first high end product that I have bought, but i really really wanted it for some reason!, everyone has said how amazing it is, and how they canmt live without it, I was going to get the new sleek lumminaire I think its called but the touche eclat had me on this one with the amazing gold packaging!.

                                                   Before been rubbed in
 After been rubbed in, Okay i used a little two much but still absalutley loving the shimmer!!
                        Some would say the packaging matches my tan!
                                                           Before Touch Eclat
                                                            After Touch Eclat

I am absalutley in love with this product! I love the way it makes my eyebrows look so arched and it really does highlight all around my eyes, has anyone got a better alternative to touch ecl;at?.

Lots of love