Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Sleek have made another collection called ' The Caribbean' collection which also contains lots of bright products!, They are not realisng it (in superdrug and on the website) till early july so I was lucky ennough to get the pout polish from ebay brand new for £4.99. The colour and the packaging is amazing, i love sleep make up because i think they always look very well made, and the pout polish is very highly pigmented!.
                                                   Amazing packaging!
 DO NOT be put off by this colour! it is very sheer and goes on very glossy! it is a very light shade of orange and is perfect for the summer!.
What do you think of the pout polish?.
Lots if love
Liv xxxx

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  1. that looks so pretty!:) what other products do they have in this collection?x