Thursday, 2 June 2011


Before i started to wear gel nails, my nails were always so strong, long and perfect they never snapped or anything, but after wearing gel nails my nails are now totally ruined, the split down the middle, they never grow, they are really painful and really weak can anybody help me get them back to normal? i havent had gels on now for about 3months this is a pic of what my nails use to look like, the pics on my notd posts are what my nails are like now :(.

lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. OPI nail envy is ment to be quite good,, my mom used to use it all the time (rip mommy :(..... ) its around £10 off ebay and you basically put it on a a base coat, then leave it a few days and take it off and re apply it. You can also paint any nail varnish over the top whilst you wear it aswell. xx

  2. ive stopped having acrylics for a year now and mine starting to grow better but still peeling a tad. thing is i love the way fake nails look :( but nevermind. your nails now actually look fine with nail varnish on. they are getting there :)

  3. Try OPI nail envy. A colleague of mine could never grow her nails until she started using it a few months back. I keep meaning to buy some myself but just forget every time I go shopping! xx