Thursday, 30 June 2011


When I recentley weent to asda i realised that they were doing a offer on rimmel make up which was everything under £5 so me being me i bought some foundation for £4.98 and the new mascara called 'Day 2 Night' for £4.98. It is a mascara which has two different brushes, one is for lengthening and one is for volumisng. Im not sure on the normal price but i think its around £8.
                                      I love the bright pink and black packaging.
 The first brush which is the volumising brush is very thick and has alot of brissels on it.
 The second brush is alot thinner for lengthening which helps seperate the lashes from been clumpy as it doesnt have two many brissels on it.

This is the result of what my eyelashes look like with the mascara, i generally have quite short eyelashes anyway but the mascara did do a amazing job and i love it for the price!.
Have you tried the new rimmel mascara?
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. I love this mascara its great for nights out if you want thicker lashes


  2. I have the Rimmel mascara and had a little play around with it the other day and its actually just one brush! If you undo the volume wand and then unscrew the lengthening one you will see! xx

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