Sunday, 5 June 2011


I have been needing a new shampoo and conditioner for a while now and just in general needed a few new hair products, and i was just doing a bit of food shopping with my boyfriend in asda when i went to the beauty isle, straight away the new vo5 range caught my eye because of the bright pink packaging! and it was also two products for £4.00 which was really cheap!.
                           The packaging is really eyecatching on all the products!
 I cant achually remember how much this was by itself i think it was around £4.00, I am not two impressed with this so farit is a texture spray that you spray onto dry hair or towel dry hair to give it a 'beach wave' look but mine just looked frizzy, im not sure if its just my hair but thats what mine looked like.
 To be honest I havent atchually tried this yet but it is a fine white powder that when you shake up it expands and you put a little bit into your hand and put into your hair to give it volume it is a alternative to backcombing which everyone knows i do alot of so hopefully it will do my hair some good! this was also around £4.00.
The shampoo and conditioner comes in different types for different hair conditions, i got the one for dry hair and i atchually do really like it, it smells nice and it left my hair feeling really soft nd for £2.00 each i really would reccomend this!.

Have you tried the new vo5 range?
Lots of love
Liv xx

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