Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cute as a bear!

So recently I'v swapped my Blackberry for a Iphone I must admit it took me a while to decide weather I should do it as I have had a Blackberry for about 3 years now and loved them but i finally decided to make a change and jump on the Iphone band wagon. This will probably only be a short post but I just had to show you my new phone case!. I'v been seeing these all over ebay and I was desperate for one but as I had Blackberry Torch they didn't do it for my phone so as soon as I bought my Iphone I bought the case straight away!.

It does make my phone look mahoooosive! but I don't even care because I love it so much, I know it's not to everbodys taste because my Mum absolutley hates it. How could she hate it? its so cute and tacky lol!. Unfortunatly the Ebay seller I bought mine off has now sold out but if you type 'Rilakkuma' in there ard plenty more sellers that sell the exact same cases in a range of different colours!.
What do you think of my phone bear case?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

The tangle teezer

For Christmas I got the 'Tangle teezer' hairbrush and to be honest I had never ever heard of it before until my Mum had bought me it. She told me that someone on 'Dragons den' programme had invented the Tangle teezer and its apparntly meant to be the only thing that really does get tangles out of your hair. Im not too sure where my Mum bought it from as it was a christmas present but I'm pretty sure that you can buy them from Boots and they come in a range of different colours. I think they are aroun £10 but the prices vary in different places.

Sorry for the crappy quality I took the pictures at night.I got the Original one which is the purple colour with glitter in. It really does do what it says!. I honestly get the most tangeled hair in the world after iv washed my hair so when I first tried it out I wasn't expecting it to really do much but it gets my tangles out so easily!. It doesn't hurt one bit when you are brushing your hair and it takes litrally seconds to get all the knots out. If it gets knots out of my hair it will get knots out of anybodys hair. So if you have really tangled hair like me but hate the pain when brushing your hair when its wet i really reccomend buying the tangle teezer!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

OOTD all that glitter

Dress- Topshop

                                                           Collar- Dollybowbow

I recently got this dresss from the Topshop sale I am a absolute magpie when it comes to glitter I love it and I also love the skater style dresses aswell. Most of the kater ones from topshop are £20 which I think is a little expensive to say they are so plain. This one was originally £36 which I wouldnt of paid but it was £20 in the sale and I wouls say it is worth it!. The colours of the glitter are really nice as they are not just gold or silver but they have purple and blue in too. The back comes down really low (I forgot to take a picture) But I reccomend you wear some sort of vest or bandeau underneath as it is quite see through and your bra hanging out at the back is not a good look!. You will of probably seen my blog post on the Dollybowbow collar but I am just so in love with it! It goes with everythibng and really adds something different to your outfit.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dollybowbow Peterpan collar

Hi everyone! So most of you will know the online shop dollybowbow which is run by another blogger and youtuber Katie. She really does do the cutest jewellery with a very vintage theme and about 2 months ago she did a video on peterpan collars (collars around the neckline of a top) which I absolutley love!. So when I had seen that she had made two necklaces with a peterpan collar attached to it I knew I had to have one. She Has two different designs one is a sparkly black one and the otgher is a sparkly multi coloured one. I decided to go for the multi coloured one as I love anything bright and colourful.

You can add it to any outfit to jazz it up a little bit. I put it onto just a plain jumper with a high neck and I thing it looks absolutley gorgeous!. The glitter is sort of a hard glitter so it doesnt fall off and go everywhere which is always a bonus, and the colours are beautiful!. The necklace comes on a antique gold chain and it is ajustable so if your wearing a top that has a bit of a lower neckline you can ajust it to make it a bit lower. The only problem I had was the delivery I am so inpatient when it comes to delivery but it took nearly a month to get here and I had sent a few emails and tweets and never heard anything back but I'm so in love with the collar and I think it makes up for the delivery. I think I will also be ordering the black one as for £10 I think you can make any outfit look alot different!.
Have you ordered anything from Dollybowbow?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Velvet and flowers

                                                       Dress- Topshop
                                                       Belt- River Island
                                                          Coat- Next

I'v been wanting this Topshop dress for so long now but as it was £30 I thought no way am I spending that on a dress and then I saw it in the sale for £18 I was like yep that's mine!. I also wasn't two sure on the material i'v never owned anything velvet before (exept back in the day when I was a babba!) so i wasn't sure weather I would like it but I love it!. I got the belt a while ago in A river Island sale from the kids section I think it was £3 which is a bargin as it has so much beautiful detail to it. My coat was also from the sale, you see there is perks to working at Next sometimes as you get to see what goes on sale before everyone else and get to save whatever you want so I got the coat for £18 which was a bargin if you ask me!.
Did you get anything from the January sales?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Trashy Doll Jewellery!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long. I haven't posted since before christmas so I hope you all had a lovley christmas and a happy new year!. This is my first post of 2012 and its going to be about some Jewellery i have recently been sent. The jewellery is from a company called 'Trashy Doll' and all their jewellery is hand made and has a very kitsch style to it. They sell everything from rings to bracelets and everything is extremley affordable!.

Okay so every indidual item comes in a little leopard print bag (as seen on the first picture) which I absolutley love! I love the time she takes into making the packaging look really nice. Right onto the prices.

'Spoil me' ring- first of all, the rings are all ajustable so that made my life so much easier as I have extremley long lankey fingers. I love this ring as I love th love heart sweets so I was pleased to see this!. £4.95
Small white flower ring- I love anything girly and this ring is so cute, its smallish which means if you prefer smaller rings you have the option. £4.50
'Keep calm and eat a cupcake' ring- I think everyone knows this famous saying do why not waer it on a ring?!. £5.50
Large pink flower ring- I think this is my favourite as it is quite a big ring and obviously because its pink!. £4.95
Liquorice Allsorts Bracelet- When I first saw this I thought it was the coolest thing i have ever seen haha! its such a statement bracelet and  easy to wear with any outfit. The actuall liqourice bits are really bigso it does really stand out. This bracelet is also ajustable if you have skinny wrists like me. £7.95
Jar of allsorts necklace- I think this necklace is so clever! I love how it looks like there are little sweets in the bottle. This is deffo one of my favourite items!. £8.00
Daisy earings- I love these plus they go with the daisy ring which is always a bonus!. £4.50 
Pink heart button earings- If id of seen these in a shop somewhere I would of bought them so I was happy to see them. They are quite small so they are suttle looking when you wear them. £3.50 
Gingerbread studs- out of everything these are my favourite, look how cute they are! they are really small gingerbread men and I fel in love with these as soon as I saw them. £4.00

Overall as a company I am so impressed with them the delivery was extremley quick and everything is amazing quality all for affordable prices. They also do free UK delivery which is always good as I find paying delivery a pain in the bum!. You can visit  there website here www.trashydoll.com
Have you ever bought anything from Trashy Doll?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx