Monday, 9 January 2012

Trashy Doll Jewellery!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long. I haven't posted since before christmas so I hope you all had a lovley christmas and a happy new year!. This is my first post of 2012 and its going to be about some Jewellery i have recently been sent. The jewellery is from a company called 'Trashy Doll' and all their jewellery is hand made and has a very kitsch style to it. They sell everything from rings to bracelets and everything is extremley affordable!.

Okay so every indidual item comes in a little leopard print bag (as seen on the first picture) which I absolutley love! I love the time she takes into making the packaging look really nice. Right onto the prices.

'Spoil me' ring- first of all, the rings are all ajustable so that made my life so much easier as I have extremley long lankey fingers. I love this ring as I love th love heart sweets so I was pleased to see this!. £4.95
Small white flower ring- I love anything girly and this ring is so cute, its smallish which means if you prefer smaller rings you have the option. £4.50
'Keep calm and eat a cupcake' ring- I think everyone knows this famous saying do why not waer it on a ring?!. £5.50
Large pink flower ring- I think this is my favourite as it is quite a big ring and obviously because its pink!. £4.95
Liquorice Allsorts Bracelet- When I first saw this I thought it was the coolest thing i have ever seen haha! its such a statement bracelet and  easy to wear with any outfit. The actuall liqourice bits are really bigso it does really stand out. This bracelet is also ajustable if you have skinny wrists like me. £7.95
Jar of allsorts necklace- I think this necklace is so clever! I love how it looks like there are little sweets in the bottle. This is deffo one of my favourite items!. £8.00
Daisy earings- I love these plus they go with the daisy ring which is always a bonus!. £4.50 
Pink heart button earings- If id of seen these in a shop somewhere I would of bought them so I was happy to see them. They are quite small so they are suttle looking when you wear them. £3.50 
Gingerbread studs- out of everything these are my favourite, look how cute they are! they are really small gingerbread men and I fel in love with these as soon as I saw them. £4.00

Overall as a company I am so impressed with them the delivery was extremley quick and everything is amazing quality all for affordable prices. They also do free UK delivery which is always good as I find paying delivery a pain in the bum!. You can visit  there website here www.trashydoll.com
Have you ever bought anything from Trashy Doll?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. Nice!!!! Love them, so cute and girly!!! :) xxx

  2. Ohh myyyy gawwwwd I want It all!! Lol x

  3. I need the 'keep calm' ring! Definitely my fave one :)


  4. Wow all these are so cool! I love it all so cute and quirky :) xx

  5. oh wow, so cute! I especially love the Jar of Allsorts and the Gingerbread Earrings! :) x

  6. these are adorable!xo

  7. Love all of these pieces!

  8. those peices of jewelry especially the rings and earings xx

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  9. Love the rings :)


  10. this is some of the cutest jewelry i ghave ever seen the keep calm and eat cupcakes ring is adorable!!


  11. OMG, so much cuteness!!! :)


  12. I love the rings and earrings, they are so cute!