Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Glitter and Bows!

Hi everyone! I'm taking a small break from my Lush post's today and i'm going to be showing you something really beautiful. I recentley saw a big glittery hair bow on Perrie from Little Mix on the Xfactor when they won the other week, and after seeing how glittery it was I thought I neeeeeed one of these!. Anyway after a little bit of searching i finally found the girl on twitter who makes them, who was also already following me which made it so much easier to contact her. So if you need to contact her, her twitter is @DreamsGlitterxo and she is such a lovley person to talk to. Onto the good stuff, she had lots of colours to choose from and at £4 a bow I had to buy one they looked so beautiful!. I went for the dilver one as I figured it would go with more.

It comes beautifully packaged in pink tissue paper and with the really cute buisness card and little plastic bow. The bow itself as you can see is so sparkly! I'm going to be wearing thison Christmas day as I think it looks so festive. Im so in love with it and will deffo be bying more items I love them all go check out her website on www.beauxoxo.etsy.com if you are a glitter freak like me I know you will love everything!.
What do you think of the glitter bow?.
Lots of love 
Liv xxxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lush Think Pink!

continuing with my Lush posts today i'm gonna be telling you all about the 'Think pink' bath ballistic. It is a medium sized bath bomb with a bright pink colour and really cute flowers on the top. This has to be probably one of the most girliest bath ballistics at Lush it is so pretty I love the design on this one and I have to say I bought it because of the colour and the little flowers!. The scent on this one is very strong even when you put it in the bath!. It smells of vanilla which is gorgeous as its one of my favourite scents and it also has the scent of Lavander which really relaxes you when your having a lovley hot bath. When it comes towards the end it has a little suprise inside which makes it just that little bit more girly but you will be able to see from the pictures :).

The colour of the bath turns out an amazing broght pink colour it looks so girly I love it, and the little pink hearts that come out just top the whole thing off. I reallllly love this bath ballistic and I would deffo buy it again for £2.50 you cant really go wrong!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lush Dragons egg bath ballistic!.

As I have promised I am doing a review on every Lush product I use. So today I am going to be reviewing the 'Dragons Egg' Bath ballistic for you. It is a really big bath bomb which I think is £2.99, I'm guessing that is why its a little bit more pricey because it is so big. The smell is so strong! It smells very citrusy like lime and lemon and oranges so if you like that smell I would go for this one. With just looking at it, it looks very boring as it is just big and white with a few coloured bits in, but it does have a few suprises which you will see in the pictures.

As you can see when you first put it in the bath nothin much really happens as its just white but after about 5 mins the bright orange colour starts to come out along with the different coloured confetti which looks so pretty. Also at the end loads of gold glitter comes out which also makes the bath water look so pretty and the smell really does linger around. On the last picture I tried to take a picture of the bath when I had let the water out and just the glitter was left.
Whats your favourite product from Lush?.
Lots Of love
Liv xxxx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Miss guided shoes wishlist!

Like any other girl I have a massive obsession with shoes. I don't wear heels two much because I feel like people will look at me like i'm stupid (does anyone else feel like that or just me lol?) So I only tend to wear them on a night out, but i'v been looking on the missguided website which is www.missguided.co.uk which I absolutley love!, but they have really stepped up there game!. The shoes are to die for and they have so many amazing ones. I picked a few of my favourites although I love them all and I thought I would share them with you all!.

Leopard print platforms £35.99 - they are beautiful! I'm not the biggest lover of leopard print but I have to admit that I think those shoes are gorgeous.
Black wedges £29.99 - I love wedge boots! I think they are so in for this winter. They keep your feet warm but you still look stylish. They also come in Tan and a red colour.
Glitter T bar wedges £35.99 - I'm like a magpie when it comes to glitter so shoes and glitter for me is the perfect mix! They also come in a gold colour two.
Glitter lace up boots £40.99 - Last but certainly not least are these amazing boots!. These have to be my favourite out of all of them. They look alot like the Jeffery Campbell Lita hells but obviously these ones are alot cheaper. They come in such a wide range of coloursd two!.

Do you have any shoes from Missguided?
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Pink to make the boys wink ;)

             Hi everyone! As you will probably all know Pink is my favourite colour so I had a dusky pink colour outfit on. As you will also know its winter now and its even getting cold in my house now which is usally boilinh hot so I put on my cardigan which I love. I got it around 2 years ago so more than likley won't be available anymore but I love chunky cable knit cardis they are so warm but very in fashion. Anyway I'v been doing more outfit post's recently because I love reading them but I know I dont have the most interseting fashion sense so please do let me know what you think on outfit posts.                                    
                                                    Peter pan collar top- Primark
                                                     High waisted shorts- Primark
                                                    Cardigan- George at Asda

                                                  Eyes- Urban decay naked palette
                                                      Lips- Topshop Pillow Talk
Lots of love
Liv xxxx