Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lush Dragons egg bath ballistic!.

As I have promised I am doing a review on every Lush product I use. So today I am going to be reviewing the 'Dragons Egg' Bath ballistic for you. It is a really big bath bomb which I think is £2.99, I'm guessing that is why its a little bit more pricey because it is so big. The smell is so strong! It smells very citrusy like lime and lemon and oranges so if you like that smell I would go for this one. With just looking at it, it looks very boring as it is just big and white with a few coloured bits in, but it does have a few suprises which you will see in the pictures.

As you can see when you first put it in the bath nothin much really happens as its just white but after about 5 mins the bright orange colour starts to come out along with the different coloured confetti which looks so pretty. Also at the end loads of gold glitter comes out which also makes the bath water look so pretty and the smell really does linger around. On the last picture I tried to take a picture of the bath when I had let the water out and just the glitter was left.
Whats your favourite product from Lush?.
Lots Of love
Liv xxxx


  1. This is my favourite bath bomb. I bought one the other day for the new house but i am tempted to use it now lol.

    I also love the comforter bubble bar


  2. I've been meaning to buy this! I love lush cant wait to go to the store soon and just splurge! Love the blog too :)



  3. Aw, finally ive been waiting for someone to do a blog post on this so i could see it before i use it :$
    Im sosoo excited to use it now :)


  4. I've tried this before too!
    It's amazing :)


  5. These photos make me want to jump into my bath right now! xoxo