Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lush Think Pink!

continuing with my Lush posts today i'm gonna be telling you all about the 'Think pink' bath ballistic. It is a medium sized bath bomb with a bright pink colour and really cute flowers on the top. This has to be probably one of the most girliest bath ballistics at Lush it is so pretty I love the design on this one and I have to say I bought it because of the colour and the little flowers!. The scent on this one is very strong even when you put it in the bath!. It smells of vanilla which is gorgeous as its one of my favourite scents and it also has the scent of Lavander which really relaxes you when your having a lovley hot bath. When it comes towards the end it has a little suprise inside which makes it just that little bit more girly but you will be able to see from the pictures :).

The colour of the bath turns out an amazing broght pink colour it looks so girly I love it, and the little pink hearts that come out just top the whole thing off. I reallllly love this bath ballistic and I would deffo buy it again for £2.50 you cant really go wrong!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. I have bought this one loads! I love it : )
    My fella isnt to impressed about the pink hearts and the pink water tho! lol.


  2. I am getting really envious reading your posts. I absolutely love Lush bath bombs but my flat only has a shower so I can't use them any more! x

  3. awww this one is so cute :-) ive just got the golden wonder one I cant wait to use it xx

  4. oo this looks lovely! I came across one of your hauls on youtube and thought I would check your blog out and I love it so I'm following now :) xxx


  5. I need to try this looks so nice !! just started reading your blog and love it keep posting ! xx

  6. How long do you leave the bath bombs in? or do they just dissolve?
    never been lush before but i was on youtube and came across your backcombing video and im now following your wicked blog :)
    So yeah, how long do you leave it in or what?

  7. Hey i love your blog and your lush reviews and i will deffo b trying this bath bomb , check out my blog if your really interested in lush products i do regualr reviews and how tos :) xx