Thursday, 22 March 2012

                                     L-R Bubblegum, Very cherry, Toasted marshmellow
I have a new love of candles and nope its not Yankee ones, it is ones from 'Jelly belly' which is the range from Jelly beans. Now I have to say these are the most amazing candles ever!. The scent of them is so strong you can smell them all day once they have been lit. The scent i much stronger than a Yankee candle one aswell. They have a few different flavours including lemon and lime, orange, cherry, bubblegum and loads more. They are really easy to get hold of as they stock them in Morrissons and Topshop and you can also get the from Ebay in alot of different flavours and at £5 I think your getting a bargin!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bits and bows boutique!

                                                        Barbie ring- £8.99
                                                   Barbie necklace- £12.99
Hi everyone so today I'm going to be reviewing a few bits of jewellery for you from a lovley company called 'Bits and bows boutique' they have such cute jewellery from a Barbie range to a Sweet range everything i so cute and well made. When I recieved my parcel it was all pink which is obviously my favourite colour. The parcel was bink, the bubble wrap was pink and the gorgeous little velvet bags they come in are pink, so I was a big fan on all of the packaging!. I recieved the 'Barbie head necklace which is £12.99. Its on a silver chain and has a really cute Barbie head on the bottom which I absolutley love!. I also recieved the extremley cute Barbie head ring with small diamantes on. I LOVE this and I think I will get alot of use out of it as I am the biggest fan of Barbie and pink!.
Please go take a look on the website as she has some amazing peices!. www.bitsandbowsboutique.co.uk
Lots of love Liv

Friday, 9 March 2012

Feeling Coy

I have recently discovered that I have a slight obsession with Topshop make up. I'm not really sure why I think its because all of there products are really good quality. Also you will all probably know that I have also discovered a obsession for lip products and I have seen this one on so many peoples blogs so I thought I would try it out myself.

So I am talking about the Topshop lipstick pencil which is called Coy. It is a beautiful nude colour with a orange tint to it so you can actually build it up to make it look quite bright on the lips. It is a beautiful colour and I honestly love it!. It applys really nicley. It has a lovley creamy formulea but it stays on your lips all day and it feels like you've got nothing on them which I always love!. I do think its a tad expensive for £7 but it is such a lovley product. The only problem I have with it is how am I going to sharpen it haha? Do I just need a jumbo sharpener?. If you know please tell me haha!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012


                                                        Top- Miss guided
                                                 Shorts- American Apparel
Okay so I'v jumped on the band wagon with American Apparel but most bloggers you see are obsessed with the disco pants. I honestly could not bring myself to pay £70 for a pair of trousers so I went for shorts as I have a big obsession for shorts (29 pairs and counting haha!) The shorts are stil extremly expensive £45, but my boyfriend did go half with me so it wasn't that bad on my half ;).
Lots of love Liv xxxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Up the amp!

I'm back with another naughty MAC lipstick purchase, I'm getting addicted which I really didn't want to happen as they are sooooo expensive!. Anyway I bought 'Up the amp' because I love the look of purple lipsticks Now this is not a colour for everyone and it is also not a colour that I would wear every day but I deffo think it is a lovley colour if you are going out somewhere.

Please ignore my friend on my chin on the bottom photo!. The formulea of this lipstick is amped which means the pigmant is very good!, which it is. It's really creamy on the lips and lasts all day as it does stain your lips a little bit, so if you are wanting a long lasting lipstick I would deffo reccomend this one. It is £13.50 as all the lipsticks are and such a unusual colour.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

Friday, 2 March 2012

A pop of colour OOTD.

                                                  Cardigan- Republic
                                                      Top- Topshop
                                                        Jeans- Zara
                                              Shoes- River Island kids
                                                 Headband- Primark

I saw a girl in this cardigan when I went shopping and fell in love with it so when I saw it in Republic I had to buy it!. It was quite expensive as it was £35 but I fell in love with it and feel like it's alot different to anything else I have. The colours are gorgeous and it is a really chunky knit with a waterfall shape. I jut put my Topshop scalloped vest underneath to give it a little bit more colour as my Zara camel ccoloured jeans are a neautrel colour. As you all will probably know about my tiny feet I found these amazing crystal sandles in the kids section in River Island for £20 which I thought was quite cheap for there!.
Lots of love 
Liv xxxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

MAC Saint Germain

Hi everyone! I have been extremly naughty recently. I have all of a sudden got a new obsession with lipsticks and MAC ones at that which is not good for my bank balance!. I love different coloured lipsticks but sometimes I feel like I won't be able to pull them off. So I was looking on the MAC website after watching a few MAC lipstic collection videos on youtube and I decided that I had to buy 'Saint Germain' It is a amped formulea which means that the colour is extremly pigmanted (which it is). It is a bright baby pink colour with a hint of lilac. I love the look of lilac lipsticks but I don't know if I am brave enought to pull them off yet.

I wore it on my latest youtube video and had a really rude person saying 'It doesn't suit you at all and you would look ridiculous wearing it out' or along the lines of that. I don't really care what they think to be honest I always say aslong as you like it then it doesn't matter!. It's a lovley creamy formulea and lasts all day on the lips so I would really reccomend it if you are looking for a baby pink lipstick. It is £13.50 as all the other MAC lipsticks are.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx