Thursday, 1 March 2012

MAC Saint Germain

Hi everyone! I have been extremly naughty recently. I have all of a sudden got a new obsession with lipsticks and MAC ones at that which is not good for my bank balance!. I love different coloured lipsticks but sometimes I feel like I won't be able to pull them off. So I was looking on the MAC website after watching a few MAC lipstic collection videos on youtube and I decided that I had to buy 'Saint Germain' It is a amped formulea which means that the colour is extremly pigmanted (which it is). It is a bright baby pink colour with a hint of lilac. I love the look of lilac lipsticks but I don't know if I am brave enought to pull them off yet.

I wore it on my latest youtube video and had a really rude person saying 'It doesn't suit you at all and you would look ridiculous wearing it out' or along the lines of that. I don't really care what they think to be honest I always say aslong as you like it then it doesn't matter!. It's a lovley creamy formulea and lasts all day on the lips so I would really reccomend it if you are looking for a baby pink lipstick. It is £13.50 as all the other MAC lipsticks are.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. Haha well you know not to listen to people who say that because it looks great!
    The only people's opinions I take seriously are my family's and my own. Friends don't even tell the truth sometimes.

    My latest post features a bustier top that I made. I think it's similar to your style. I'd love to know what you think :)

    Xox Soph


  2. Its a gorgeous colour and looks perfect contrasting with your eyes and hair x


  3. It looks great on you, that person was obviously jelous! x

  4. its lovely, some people are so rude!

  5. I think this lipstck looks absolutly fantastic on you liv! Ignore those rude people...most likely jelous of the fact it looks stunning on you and probably ridiculous on them!


  6. I think that it really suits you x

  7. It looks great on you, I tried this on in the shop but unfortunatly don't think I can pull it off :( it's such a pretty colour though! x

  8. your just so pretty. people are so silly at times.

  9. I LOVE this lipstick its my current fave :) It looks lovely on you!! If you want to try a lilac shade then my all time favourite is Barry M's 129 - definitely pick it up :) One of my favourite lipsticks ever and it looks nice in the day as well as at night :) xx

  10. Firstly, the lipstick really suits you...some people are just really rude and nasty for no reason other than to be horrible!!

    I really like your hair darker!

    and the lipstick reminds me of MAC Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, which is one of my fave ever! I plan to purchase Saint Germain in the near future, as Pink Friday was Ltd Ed :( But at least there is a dupe :) Yay!


  11. You look stunning with that lipstick, ignore those nasty haters! Youre an inspiration and one of my favourite youtubers who is down to earth and doesn't need expensive products to be happy!


  12. This color looks lovely in you :)