Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pretty sweet & co

Hi everyone! I'm sure if you have watched my latest video you will all know about my new phone case. You may of already seen my blog post on my bear phone case and even though I love it I am in love with my new phone case!. I was contacted by a compant called 'Pretty sweet & co' who make phone cases and other bits and bobs. I absolutley love changing my phone case as I am very sad so I said yes!. It is a American based company and she also makes personalised cases for example you can get your name put on, diferent colour crystals alsorts of different things!. Or if you like the look of her pre designed cases you could also buy one of those!.

Everything was just perfect even the packaging how she puts little crystals on the zebra bow I think is just so much effort and It makes it different to any other normal packaging!. As you can see she put make up bits on my case as my youtube and blog is all about beauty and it also has my name on and lots of other girly things!. It has slowly taken over my Rilakkuma bear case but so I don't miss it too much she even put a Rilakkuma bear on the bottom!. I highly reccomend you check out her website as you might see something you want! www.preetysweetnco.com
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. Love this case Hun, is it from the USA? If so how much did it cost you? Xx

  2. It's so pretty!
    You're lucky.


    Xox Soph

  3. I think I'm in love with your case! Its sooooo pretty! <3

  4. Awww i love it hun.. i love funky phone cases and this is definately one of the most unique i've seen. How lucky that you got it sent :) I'm a youtube subby hun and i once brought some of your clothes you were selling on facebook.. i don't know if you'll remember me but i just started a blog the other day http://emmilaa.blogspot.com/ i'd be happy to hear what you think if you have time to take a look :) <3

  5. aw how cute!
    please check out my blog xo


  6. that is beautiful.


  7. this is really pretty! the link ist working though?xox

  8. Omg that is so nice! i want one lol