Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Scallops and Collars

                                                             Playsuit- Primark
                                                            Wedges- Boohoo
I have just noticed the man on my tv is very distracting, anyway I thought I would do a quick post as I am going out for a meal and just wanted to show you all what I was wearing. I died my hair the other day because my blonde was starting to show and it has gone black which I really didn't want so that is why my hair is looking so dark lol, I'm just waiting for it to fade now everytime I wash it.I'm pretty sure it didn't look that big either but nevermind eh!. I decided to wear a playsuit I bought from Primark which was £15 I love it I think it can be worn casually or quite formal. I paired that with a pair of wedges I bought from Boohoo about a year ago but I'm pretty sure most places sell them now. As you can probably tell in the picture they don't fit me!. That is because my shoe size is usually a size 1 or 2 and these are a size 3 so I have alot of trouble with heels :(. So if any of you know where sell small size heels do let me know!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. i love this playsuit, at first i thought it was two separate items and liked it then, knowing that they come together already makes it an even better outfit xx love ya

  2. Aww that looks so cute! Love the wedges too.


    x x x.

  3. i have this jumpsuit, its so comfy!

    its so good, you can wear it for any occasion


    <3 xxx

  4. Love the playsuit! I dyed my hair black after being blonde for years and it was tough to get used to for ages! But in the end it does fade to a nice chocolate brown shade. I think you suit brunette :) Looks loverly on you xx

  5. I love this playsuit I keep seeing it but resisting buying it xx

  6. such a nice playsuit, loooove the wedges!x

  7. I have the same shoes problem, and tend to just buy size 3's too. Barrats have a petit feet section.. some of it isnt that nice but you can pick up the odd nice pair of platforms etc every now and again


  8. your hair is lovely Liv and i LOOOVE the outfit!! (: xxx

  9. Och, beautiful you are!

  10. i love love love your playsuit! :D

  11. Love your wedges! http://stylecrazii.blogspot.com/