Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Be happy!

I have been thinking of writing a post about this for so long and weather to or not, it's not exactly something that I enjoy talking about or want people to know about me but some comments have just been getting on my nerves. Recently I've been going through quite a bad time (not something I want to talk about or share on the internet) I posted on my social networking sites that I couldn't blog and youtube and things at the minute as I just wanted time to myself as I was finding things difficult. I got some lovely comments and thank you so much for been there for me!.  also got the odd few saying I was doing it for attention blah blah. I  never let hate comments get to me as I have quite a thick skin but when people say things like that they've no idea what I am going though or what's happening.

 I had a few comments on youtube as well a while ago saying that I looked like I could never be bothered to film any more and things like that and it just really annoyed me.

 The thing is for the past year I have been on anti depressants. I feel like I have always been prone to it as I get massive anxiety and worry about things all the time (usually things to do with my health) which makes me so miserable. Things have happened in the past year which has made me so so down. I went to the doctors because I felt like  couldn't cope with things on my own any more!. I have been off my anti depressants for about 2 months now and I have felt so much better recently. I love my job, I love my boyfriend and I finally felt happy!. When I was younger I use to go counselling because I use to worry so much about been sick and I think my unhappiness has stemmed from there. I am a emotional and sensitive person and I think I always will be, that's just the way I am. But I think I just have to come to terms with how I am. I have a case of OCD (which I won't go into because you will all think I'm nuts!) I am constantly worried about everything and it does my head in!. 
When one thing bad happens to me i feel like I am back to square one and I think that I will always feel like this!. I know that I can be and will be happy and I just need to get things under control. If I'm not always myself on youtube then you know why now. Doing things like fashion blog posts keep me happy because I love fashion, it also keeps me busy and keeps my mind off things, like worrying about pointless things. This isn't something I really wanted to talk about as its nothing to do with fashion or beauty and its very much controversial and I know I will get the odd comments saying I am trying to get people to feel sorry for me and I'm attention seeking but I am actually doing this so people realise why I am how I am sometimes. I feel like just because I blog and I am on youtube people don't realise I am normal and have just as much issues as the next person does!. At the minute I am the happiest I have been in such a long time, it's just the blip that's sort of come up and make me feel at rock bottom again. I know as soon as it sorts itself out I'll be back to being my happy self. I just want to thank you all for your lovely comments through out the years and the lovely comments that I will get in advance, it means the world to me!. I may act tough but I'm really not haha!. Thank you all for your understanding, lots of love!! <3 xx 

Cross back

                                                          Dress- Fashion Union
                                                               Top- Missguided
                                                                 Trousers- H&M
                                                                   Shoes- Ebay
Hi everyone!
At the minute I am loving patterned trousers and anything that crosses over on my back. I'm not gonna lie it is a pain trying to find a bra to go with things but its worth it for how it looks. I recently got this really cute dress from Fashion Union, I actually cant wear a bra with this one because the back is quite low but you could always put one of those on that sticks onto your boobs. With the Missguided top I have a strapless one on. I wouldn't usually go for smart trousers like this but I tried them on and fell in love with them!.
What do you think to backless items?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx