Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Up the amp!

I'm back with another naughty MAC lipstick purchase, I'm getting addicted which I really didn't want to happen as they are sooooo expensive!. Anyway I bought 'Up the amp' because I love the look of purple lipsticks Now this is not a colour for everyone and it is also not a colour that I would wear every day but I deffo think it is a lovley colour if you are going out somewhere.

Please ignore my friend on my chin on the bottom photo!. The formulea of this lipstick is amped which means the pigmant is very good!, which it is. It's really creamy on the lips and lasts all day as it does stain your lips a little bit, so if you are wanting a long lasting lipstick I would deffo reccomend this one. It is £13.50 as all the lipsticks are and such a unusual colour.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. This is such a gorgeous colour!

  2. Keep telling myself I have bought enough mac lipsticks recently, but I really really want this lol!

  3. Please check out my blog im new and have 0 followers :-( people please follow im open to all help and ideas too xxx
    And love this lippy

  4. I love thiss.. must have a look at this next time im in Mac.. i love lilac shades theyre my favee <3 :] xx

  5. love it!<3