Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Okay so this is my first high end product that I have bought, but i really really wanted it for some reason!, everyone has said how amazing it is, and how they canmt live without it, I was going to get the new sleek lumminaire I think its called but the touche eclat had me on this one with the amazing gold packaging!.

                                                   Before been rubbed in
 After been rubbed in, Okay i used a little two much but still absalutley loving the shimmer!!
                        Some would say the packaging matches my tan!
                                                           Before Touch Eclat
                                                            After Touch Eclat

I am absalutley in love with this product! I love the way it makes my eyebrows look so arched and it really does highlight all around my eyes, has anyone got a better alternative to touch ecl;at?.

Lots of love

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