Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Its my birthday next week and my boyfriend made me a very special present! he is an electrcian and decided he was going to make me a mirror with lightbulbs on as i have always wanted one as a little girl. It took alot of work and effort. It took him two days to make and alot of stress haha!. Once it was finished the wood was green which i really didnt fancy a green mirror in my pink bedroom lol so i decided with my handy work to paint the mirror myself and this is the outcome.

I Decided to put 9it behing my nail racks which i also made myself haha!, we make quite a handy little D.I.Y couple lol, so now i have my own little dressing table. Its amazing and i couldnt of bought a proffessional one which looks better i absalutley love it and think i have an amazing boyfriend for making me such a beautiful mirror.
Do you have a hollywood mirror?.
Lots of love


  1. OMG i need a mirror like that in me life ahaha tell your boyfriend to start up a website and sell them i would be the first to buy :) xxxx

  2. aaah please show us your room (:

  3. can you tell me how you made the nail polish stands please? and that mirrors beautiful! xxx

  4. Awwiee how cute..omg! i wish my bf would do that for me!!