Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sleek Aruba Blush

Iv seen so many people blog about this blush for ages now and i couldnt get hold of it because sleek are not bringing it out until the 6th of july and because i aam so inpatient i finally found a brand new one on ebay and bought it! the colour is called Aruba and it is abasalutley amazing! i am in love i always wear it when i have a tan because it compliments it so much.
                                                        Gorgeous packaging

It is such an amazing colour, alot of people will be put off by the colour because it is so bright! but it blends in so easy and really does complient any skin tone, i think when it comes out it is about £4.99 so i recomend everyone gets down to superdrug on the 6th of july as it is limited edition!!.
Lots of love


  1. I love the colour!, very bright but if it blends well, hey i'm all on it :)

  2. ahhh i need to get my hands on this ASAP :D

    kate xo

  3. I saw this in superdrug the other day!

    i wish i'd picked it up now! :(


  4. Woah it looks amazing! Would love to see it on your cheeks to see how it looks:) I'm having a mac lipstick giveaway if you want to have a look! :) xx

  5. I am not convinced but I am very boring when it comes to make-up x