Monday, 26 September 2011

The £1 Beauty Box!

Hi everyone! So if you love the idea of the beauty boxes like Glossy box you are going to love this one from www.latestinbeauty.com they have a choice of lots of different samples and you choose what you would like. E.g. they have a make up and fragrance section and you pick one of the samples from that section. So you get the lot for £1!. I ordered mine on the Friday morning and it came on the monday morning which i was really please about. The samples are alot smaller than the glossy box ones but you get several of one sample which i love!. Also unlike glossybox it doesnt come every month so you can just pick and decide each month weather you want to purchase or not so if one month you dont like the look of the samples then you dont have to buy it.
 They come in this little pink box which i think is really nice rather than just shoving them all in a envelope.

 Burts bees theraputic bath crystals. Now this sample is atchually really big and probably worth more than a pound just on its own! It apparantly relaxes your muscles in the bath so i will deffo be trying that one out.
 Now this sample i didnt even ask for so it is a really nice touch that they send you more than you have applied for.It is a little perfume sample called forever lilly and it smells so nice! Such a shame that I wont be able to get any more use out of it :(.
Lavera | Summer Glow Facial Moisturiser Now i havent used this yet so im not really sure what to make of it bt i love how they send you more than one sample for you to try.
Dr Bragi | Age ManagementMoisturiser now thisstuffis meant to be £120!!I got 5 little sachets of these and i used one this morning and it left my skin feeling amazing! I dont know if i could spend £120 on moisturiser though.
I think that I will deffo be getting one of these every month because come on its only £1! what do you think of latest in beauty?.    



  1. Oh wow - this is amazing. Have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!
    George | frecklie.blogspot.com

  2. omg i am going to go get me some of that right now thank you so mucb for showing this to me xx

    my blog : ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  3. I'd be interested to see another box/different samples. So if you order another one, please do another post about it!


  4. OMGGGG, thats amazing, thanks for showing me.
    Just ordered my box now :) xx

  5. Thanks for this post! I went straight from here to the site and ordered one straight away