Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Front cover metallic nails.

Hi everyone! As you all know it is leading up to christmas now (yipeeeee!) and all the shops are bringing out the amazing christmas gifts for this year. I always love the gifts they have in Boots and especially when they are always 3 for 2 it makes your life so much easier when buying christmas presents. Anyway I always like the look of the Front Cover kits they bring out at christmas time and this year they have so many good ones to choose from!. I saw the one with metallic nail polishes in and I fell in love with the colours. 
It has 7 colours in and 2 nail files, and was £14 for the set which is really good as it works out as £2 a nail polish and I must say the quality is really good aswell.

 I love the packaging as it comes with some nail design ideas on one side of the box and also a few tips when painting your nails.
 Colours from Top Gold glitter top coat, Moonrock, Sloe Berry, Palevioletred, Cupric, Beetroot and Cadet blue.
The colours are almost due tone in some lights and I can honeslty say their isn't anything in the shops that quite look like these nail polishes. In the picture above they have all been painted with two coats (even the glitter) and it makes it really opaque. I'v had 'Moonrock' (second left) on for nearly a week and it hardly has any chips at all!. I have also had alot of compliments on it two. 

This nail polish set is available from Boots and is part of the 3 for 2 range. It would make a great gift for someone for christmas or even just a treat for yourself!.

Have you tried Front Cover?
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. I love that reddy black colour! and the blue one. Never tried Front Cover but will be having a look in Boots next time im in there.. the 3 for 2 deal is such a good idea..means i don't feel so guilty treating myself to a chirstmas present or two...x

  2. love em xx

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  3. Oooo they would make an awesome present for my friend! thanks for this

    Jessica xo

  4. The 2nd and 3rd purples are amazing and that blue :O <3 LOVE!! x