Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Where have I been?

Hi everyone!
I know it's been sooooo long since I last posted a blog post or a video and I just want to explain why as I haven't really had the chance yet. So the first reason why is because recently at home we have just swapped our internet provider and it has been such a fuss. We use to have sky broadband and had so much trouble with it so we cancelled our internet which we didn't have for around 3 weeks, and then we had to wait for our new broadband to be set up which took around 2 weeks and its still not fully working now so i'm not sure when a new video will be up as our internet goes on and off all the time which means whe i'm trying to upload a video it will just be cancelled, but anyway after all the trouble with the internet my laptop broke as well which meant I lost everything on it. It was sent off for two weeks because the man just couldn't find what was wrong with it and I ended up paying £65 for it to get fixed. Turns out it had lost its whole operating system some how. Anyway that is the reason why you haven't all seen me in so long! I'm not going to lie I have missed you all!. 
Since my last post I became a auntie to my beautiful nephew baby Dylan! He is so perfect, I love him so much! hes 4 weeks now but still tiny!.
I also met Joey Essex eeeek! He was also perfect, looking even better in real life.
                          not the best picture but me and my sister when she was pregnant

                                 My beautiful sister and nephew, love them both so much

I have been updating my twitter and letting people know I have no internet and I have been updating my instagram a lot too so if you want to follow my instagram is @iclelivzi and my twitter is @barbielivxx
Thank you for all sticking by me in this massive mess and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!
Lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. Liv, he's gorgeous. You must be a proud auntie xx

  2. Hope your internet gets sorted soon! It's one of those things you don't think you'll miss till you don't have it..
    Your nephew is just the custest! :) And mummy looks beautiful for having just had the little'en. Hope all is well :)
    Can't wait for your next video!

    Ooo, could I be really cheeky and ask for you to check out my blog and give me some feedback - http://allthesimplethings563.blogspot.co.uk/
    Vicki :) xx

  3. Oh, he is so qute. And don't worry, we will still like you, even if you are having a break from posting :) <3

  4. Your nephew is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! Hope you are well hun :) x

  5. awwww ur nephew is very very cute, congratulations <3

  6. Aww don't worry! We've all missed you but you're forgiven! Your nephew is the cutest! Congrats to your sister, and you because you're now an auntie! xxxx

  7. Its good to see you back! :)

  8. aw your wee nephew is as cute! congratulations :) xo


  9. ur nephew is so cute n i hope ur internet comes back soon :D x

  10. Aww he's so gorgeous :) xx


  11. he's so cute and it's great to see you back liv:) xxx


  12. You look so beautiful in these pics,
    Love you & your videos :)


  13. AHHH liv look at you with ur nephew how cute is that,saw some of these on instagram what a sweetheart xxxxx

  14. I love your outfit in the first photo :)