Friday, 20 May 2011


hi everyone so i wanted to write a blog about the new craze claireabella bags!. Threy are amazing personallised bags which are all made by Claire herself and she puts so much effort into them to make them feel so personal to yourself. You go on her website order a bag of which you want and the price ranges from £18 - £35 and once you have bought the bag you tell her all the details you want on your bag e.g. hair colour eye colour, make up, glitter, accsessories etc the possobilities are endless!. The only way is essex girls have gone crazy for these bags and since then everyone is buying them including me!( i will post another blog once i have recieved mine) understandably they take up to 28 days to design she also makes t-shirts and photo albums!, a perfect gift with a personal touch, here is the website www.claireabelladesigns.co.uk

                                                                  Jessica Wright
                                                                       Chlose Sims
                                                                       Katie Piper
                                                                      Katie Price


  1. Iam from Brazil, I love your blog and your youtube chanel Congratulations! xx :3 :3