Sunday, 17 March 2013

OOTD 17/03/2013

                                                                           Dress- Romwe
                                                                         Jacket- She inside
                                                                        Shoes- Missguided
Hi everyone! So this is my first outfit post of 2013, it's my first outfit post in so long actually. I don't usually wear dresses as I tend to wear more shorts and jeans etc. I decided to go for this Romwe dress today, I love the detailing around the middle its so pretty, they also have it in blue but I decided yo go for black as I would get more use out of t. This leather jacket from She inside is so simple but I think everyone needs a leather jacket and this one is so soft. I am in love with my shoes! they are really easy to wall in considering they are so high, but I must admit they do need to be worn in a bit as they are rubbing me a bit!. I promise I am doing my best to get back into more outfit posts and hope you liked this one as I haven't done one in so long!.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. Wow everything you're wearing here, is wonderful! I love it x

  2. Absolutely love the dress!
    You look lovely xx

  3. That dress is so nice!

  4. You look lovely, as always :) x

  5. Hi,

    Love this look!


    Amber :)