Saturday, 26 October 2013

Non scary Halloween!

                                                              Dress- Topshop
                                                        Long sleeved top- Primark
                                                         Cat ears- Miss Selfridge
                                                            Necklace- New Look
Hi everyone! As it's nearly Halloween I decided to film a make up tutorial and with that you need to have the outfit post to go with it!. I recently got this dress from Topshop and I find that it is so versatile, it is actually a really skinny strap dress but I but this long sleeved top underneath to stop it from looking so pretty. I got the cat ears in the last Miss Selfridge sale so i'm not sure f they still sell them but I know a lot of places do sell cat ears now. As I am not really dressed up as anything I thought the ears just added a little something :).
What are you going as for Halloween?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. Your make-up is lovely- you look great:) I dressed up as a creepy ragdoll:P Xxx

  2. You look fab! The cat ears are adorable but so fitting for Halloween!


  3. You have a great blog and lovely style..
    I just followed you on GFC
    It would be nice if you follow my blog too:}
    Fashion Lady An

  4. you are so so beautiful, i love this look! i have watched you videos for so long and love them :)
    please could you check out my blog? I know you're busy but if you get the time :) truthfullybeautifulmakeup.blogspot.co.uk also thanks for replying to my fb post :) ily x

  5. Love this, you look so cute but with a gothic edgee :)