Sunday, 13 October 2013

October wishlist

                                                   Velvet dress- Missguided
                                                       Playsuit- Oh my love
                                                 Cream lace dress- Missguided
                                                     Watch- Sheen watches
                                                  Neon green dress- AQ/AQ
                                                   Leopard cami- Boohoo
Hi everyone! 
Wishlists are one of my favourite posts to read so I have being getting into doing them a lot more recently So here is what I am lusting over at the moment. When Missguided posted a pic of this velvet trapeze dress on their Instagram I fell in love, I'm not usually one for velvet but with a dark red lipstick I think it looks perfect, also from Missguided I am loving this cream lace dress, they have it in so many autumn colours too!. I think the playsuit from Oh my love is the perfect transition from Summer to Winter, it still has the Summer feel with it being a playsuit but I again think the colours are perfect for Autumn. I used to love AQ/AQ (use to be known as Aqua coture in my day haha) when I was younger but I am loving the colour of this dress and the girlyness of it. I think the Boohoo cami is so cute, I love camis and who doesn't love a bit of leopard print?!. Last but not least is a watch from Sheen-watches, If you read my last wishlist post which was a watch one you will know I don't own a nice looking watch and I think its about time I did!. I love this one as it has the rose gold and the swarovski crystals but they have so many amazing ones on the website.
Which is your favourite item?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. My fave is the velvet dress from missguided!
    Love your blog and youtube channel! <3


  2. Love the neon dress! Shame about the price tag though :(