Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Three pieces of clothing you shouldn't be scared to try!

Hi everyone, this is sort of a little bit of a different post for me today but these 3 items are must in my wardrobe for the winter!

No one wants to look like they're trying too hard to play up to new styles, but it doesn’t seem fair that after a certain age women should have to stick to twinsets and golf trousers. You might not be able to get away with a tight denim miniskirt any more, but that’s no reason not to explore the following fashions this season.
Skinny jeans- With the right pair of skinny jeans you can look elegant and fashionable no matter what age you are. The key is to make sure you choose the right pair, which means trying a few and having a really good idea of your correct jean size. Pair them with heels or boots and make sure you wear a modest top - floaty and loose-fitted designs are often a good choice, as they can hide tummies and provide a nice contrast with the tight jeans.
Leather jacket- Wearing a cropped biker jacket covered in studs and zips can look a little silly if you’re over the age of 25! While the extreme punk rock look is better suited to youngsters, that doesn't mean you should discount leather jackets altogether. Aim for an understated design in a flattering cut: leather trench coats with a figure shaping belt are a particularly good choice. If you want a biker style, try to choose one that reaches to your hips. You can shop leather jackets at Isme to find the perfect piece.
Uggs- These comfortable sheepskin boots from Australia look cool and casual on women of all ages. Like any item of clothing, getting the right look really depends on what you wear them with. Keep the rest of your outfit sensible and fairly smart - tuck your skinny jeans into them and pop on a nice sweater or cardigan for a cosy but classy outfit. Like champagne and cheese, fashion sense improves with age, so embrace your triumphs and traumas from the years and style these trends to suit you!
What do you think?
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  2. I love wearing all three items you mentioned ! uggs are my favorite for winter they're so cozy :)

  3. These are pretty much my staple items for winter lol! I need some new uggs though hoping to get some for Xmas. X

  4. what!? I always wear a studded leather jacket, and other punk influenced pieces and I am over 25 :( no one told me I look silly??

  5. Im 26 a mum and ill never give up my studded biker jacket