Thursday, 4 July 2013

Motel rocks paisley print

                                       Dress Motel Rocks (with my 20% code iclelivzi)
I realise I haven't done a post in so long so I thought today I would get one up, I got this dress from Motel Rocks using my discount code which takes 20% off any order just use the code iclelivzi at the checkout :) I love the style I wasn't sure if it was going to suit me or not but you can pull the sleeves up so it looks like a skater dress too so it is really versatile!
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. Your body is amazing Liv! Also, how did you get your extensions like that? Did you plait them or did you buy ones that were already like that? They look amazing on you xx

  2. gorgeous! love your hair too!

  3. you look amazing ! your hair just looks so gorgeous !

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