Saturday, 20 July 2013

My favourite party dresses!

                                                               Chichi Pabla dress
                                                            Oh my love cut out dress
I thought I would do a blog post on party dresses seen as though it is my birthday next Friday! Sorry the pictures look a bit weird, I couldn't find our iron but really wanted to get this blog post up so I edited the creases out :)
I recently got this Chichi one and wore it for my nephews first birthday party, and I love it, I think it is really classy and I love the back to it, the little bow fastening on the back adds a really cute touch to it!. 
The black one is such a bargain! I wanted it when it was originally £55 but thought I don't need another dress so didn't end up buying it. I was browsing the sale the other day and noticed it was only £15 so I definitely had to get it!. On these pictures I don't have a bra on but when I do it pushes them up so much and for someone with no boobs like me it is always a bonus!
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. They are such cute! And they fit your tyle perfectly. I especially love the black one that has cut off's in the side :)

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  3. Love the dresses Liv! You're stunning as usual!

    Xo, Michelle


  4. ahh Liv i love them both but you look so stunning in the cut out one,really pretty as always xxxx

  5. Ur boob size seems ok to me. Don't worry about them. Embrace what u have. Ur beautiful.