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George dresses

Dresses for Every Occasion: At Work and for Play

Not everyone loves the idea of wearing dresses, but for those who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, George’s range of dresses can suit a variety of body shapes and styles so that those of us who are completely against dresses may find something that they’d be willing to wear.
Whether you need a dress to add to your work wear collection or you’re looking to add a couple of dresses to your wardrobe for those fancy meals out and special occasions, having a few dresses to choose from can help you to have a wider selection on tap for when you need it. While some of us love to wear dresses all the time, we understand that others would rather avoid the idea, turning to trusty jeans instead. However, if you gave one or more dress styles a chance, and chose some that would not only suit the occasion but your body type as well, you may change your mind about dresses altogether – you never know!
For work, you don’t have to worry too much about the style of dress you choose, as long as it’s in keeping with what is expected of you. Some places of work are a little more lax with work wear requirements, giving you a little more freedom of choice, while others expect you to wear smart attire at all times, teamed with a pair of professional court shoes. The Mode Geo Knitted Dress, priced at £18, would be ideal for the office, with a pair of opaque, thick denier tights and a comfortable pair of shoes.
The classic pinafore dress is a great option if you want to stay as casual as possible. Pop a long sleeve top underneath and add some chunky knit tights and comfy winter boots, and you have yourself a perfect outfit for a day’s shopping or a quick trip to the local. If you’re not necessarily a dress fan, and much prefer to stay in jeans, choose a denim pinafore dress so that you can edge yourself into the concept of dress-wearing with ease.
Special Occasions
Whether it’s a birthday party, a fancy meal out or a wedding reception, they’re the perfect times to grab a dress for the occasion. Obviously, the type of dress you choose will depend on the event, but with a great selection of party and evening dresses available, you don’t have to spend a fortune on designer labels and high street brands. Something simple, like the Peter Pan Collar Detail Dress, available for £14 would be ideal if you wish to look sophisticated and elegant, without being over the top, while shift and midi dresses with a little lace detail could be an ideal, versatile option that would look fabulous for any occasion.
Take your pick from some of the fabulous dresses available, both at George and on the high street and add a little variety to your wardrobe – you never know when you might need it!

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