Monday, 8 August 2011

Apple Blossom!

I recetley really wanted a new nude lippie as my usual one is elf 'natural nymph'. I asked on one of my youtube videos which is everyones favourite nude shade. Quite a few people told me the shade 'apple blossom' from natural collection is a really nice nude colour and i already knew that natural collection wasnt expensive so i headed down to my nearest boots to buy it. When i saw it was only £1.99 i was deffo getting it!.

 I realise my lips look like a trouts but i had only just had two teeth pulled out and had injections all in my mouth haha.
For £1.99 i would deffo reccomend thi lipstick i love the shade and it is really pigmented. It is also really affordable and i am really happy with it!.
which is your fave nude lippie?.
lots of love 


  1. i LOVE this lipstick too! it's so creamy and moisturising! i recomend Pink Mallow, Candy Mist and Rose Pettel from there if you haven't got any of them already:-) xxx

  2. The rimmel lasting moisture in the shade700 <3 x :) xx