Sunday, 28 August 2011

MUA primer

Mua have recentley brought out there new proffesional range, and when i bought some things of www.sophieismadeup.com blog she also sent me the MUA primer as a little extra, alot of people wanted me to do a review video on it but i thought it would be such a boring video so i decided to do a blog post instead. Im not two sure on the price as sophie sent me it as a extra but i know its is more than likley under £5 as all MUA products are. In the past the only other primer that i have used is the elf mineral primer and i really like that one for £6.50 so iv never really used another one.

I love the packaging i think it looks really professional with it all in black. I also really do love the primer when i apply it to my face my skin feels so soft and i also love the smell of it. I also noticed that you really do not need alot it spreads out really nicley so this should last me quite a long time.
have you tried the MUA professional range?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx


  1. I have to try this if I see it in superdrug!

  2. im so glad they've finally brought out an affordable primer! Also, i watched your haters video on youtube and i honestly can't see anything wrong with your teeth, you're so pretty :) xxx