Sunday, 28 August 2011

Head over heels!

So many people have been saying how amazing Topshop make up is, i decided to buy myself some of there cream blusher as i never usually use cream ones but i had heard nothing but good things about it. I think that topshop make up is just a little over priced e.g. the lipsticks are £8 when you can but a very pigmanted lipstick from natural collection for £1.99. Anyway going completeley off the subject i bought it in the shade 'head over heels' for a price of £6.
 I love the simple packaging with the black polka dots, it does also come in a black box but i chucked it away.
 I have used it thats why it looks so messy in this pic haha! but i love how it comes with a little compact mirror.
As you can see the colour is much more of a peachy colour rather than the usual pink shimmer colour i go for, but my overall opinion is good, i would buy another one as i like how pigmented it is and how it leaves your skin looking dewy and a little goes a long way!.
have you tried topshop make up?
lots of love
Liv xxxx

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  1. This is a little too neon bright for me!