Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Barry M is back again!

Heyyy!!!! Right so I knwo Barry M have been bringing out quite a few new products recentley and i am a sucker for anything that Barry M makes because everything is just so amazing and affordable. So when I was stalking the site recentley it came up on the home page that they had two new lipsticks out. Thery have brought out two new colours and they are both gorgeous but as you all know I love any nude lippie so when I saw this colour I had to get it. Now I know Barry M isnt the best qualitiy Lipstick because they do really dry my lips out but I always put a lip balm on underneath to make it not quite so drying.

 I got the colour 'Pale Nude' in number 154 and its such a nice colour! And I think they have changed the formulea sightley because they are no where near as drying anymore they atchually have a bit of a gloss to them and them only been £4.49 each I think I will be buying the other new colours too!.
Have you tried the new barry m lip shades?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. Im loving this colour i may have to get myself some =D
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  2. Ah that's lovely! Completely agree on the drying out your lips! xx

  3. That colour looks lovely, will have to go check them out :) xx

  4. oo! im glad the formula has changed, may have to purchase xx

  5. This colour looks lovely! I've been looking for a nude which is not to beige and this looks perfect :)

  6. oooh this looks good! i'm glad theyve sorted out the formula, i look forawrd to trying this xxx

  7. that lipstick is such a pretty colour xx

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    Lauren x

  8. Been looking for the perfect nude lipstick color and I thing this one is what I need! Thanks!