Monday, 10 October 2011

A Magnteizing look....

I am a sucker for anything different to do with nail polish, nail art anything I just love to have a different look on my nails. Although I love having the crackle nail polish on and I always get compliments wearing it I feel like its getting old now because everyone wheres it. So now finally we have a new polish which is a magnetic one. When I first heard of I though how the would that work but its atchually so easy. I got the one from the 17 range at boots (nails inc also do this polish at a much higher price) for £4.99 although it is usually £5.99. It comes with the magnet in the top of the nail polish lid unlike the ones The Saturdays have brought out with Fashionista where you have to buy the magnet completeley seperate. I bought the colour 'Gunmetal' which is just a dark grey/silver colour.

I honestly love this nail polis soooo much! It looks amazing it looks kind of 3d if that makes sense?!. The pictures do not do it justice at all because they just look so amazung in real life. Also if you hover the magnet in differenet directions it makes different patterens so you can make it look really unique. My only problem is you have to put the magnet quite close to your nail and if your not careful it smudges your nails. To create the best look you need to put a generous coat on and then hover the magnet over your nail for 10 seconds.
What do you think to magnetic nails?.
Lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. your nails look so cute and fun xx

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  2. I really like this effect! and a cheap alternative to Nail Inc's version :)

  3. I love the look of this :) i'm really keen to try one of the magnetic nail polishes xx

  4. Seen this on few peoples nails and wondered how it was done! Think I'll treat myself to some :) I love different nail styles too :) xxx

  5. These are amazing! I haven't seen anything like this is Aus yet. Take a took at my blog and follow if you like :) You're my fav youtuber :)


  6. I love these! Really need to try them..the woman in Boots grabbed me the other morning and gave me a little demonstration .. they look really good..just want them to bring out a few more colours too :) xx

  7. Ahhh wow i love it! looks amazing! , might have to pop into boots sometime soon then...:P

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