Monday, 17 October 2011

The perfect pink lip

For some reason at the moment Im really into Barbie pink lips, I know alot of people will think its tacky and a bit tarty to say the least lol!But after seeing Amelia Lilys perfect pink lips on x factor I really wanted to give it a go Instead of my signiture nude lip. So I decided to but Barry M in the shade 100 I absalutley love the colour it is the perfect barbie pink but this is one of those Barry M lipsticks that realllllllly drys your lips out and leaves you with a white line on your lips *sigh* but I have a tip of using the pink vaseline over the top to give it more moisture but still have the pink shade. I also got the Barry M lip liner called Baby Pink which is more or less the exact same colour as the lipstick. Aswell as just lining my lips with it I put a little on my lips to give it that extra colour.

 The Lipstick is £4.49 and the Lipliner is £2.99.
What do you think of pink lips?
Lots of love Liv xxxx


  1. I love this lipstick but the dryness puts me off it so much haha :(
    Love the tips :D xo

  2. those colours are gorgeous xx

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  3. We all wnt to be barbie at the moment! I am loving pink lips. No need to worry about it being tacky, it's gawj :)


  4. I love my pink lipsticks! Ive worn it for probably 3 years lol, and still people take the mick but who cares, pink all the way!! xxx


  5. Love the pink lips!