Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ELFs most expensive product yet?

Hi everyone! I wanted to blog about ELF's new product which is their cream blush. It comes in quite a few different colours which is always good because I hate it when a range of make up only has like three colours of different blushers, anyway back to the point I was atchually put off buying this because of the price, YES you heard correctly I was put off buting something from elf because of the price. It was atchually £6.50 which is even more expensive than the topshop blushers which are £6 and I absalutley love those so I really was in two minds about buying it. Anyway I did it and bought it and I ended up getting the colour seductress which is quite a bright pink red, but as usual the swatches on the website are nothing like the colours in real life. The packaging is the same as the gel eyeliner but about 10x bigger which I atchually didnt think it would be.

There is no doubt about it the blush is very pigmented and a lovley colour. I find that its quite blendable but I wouldnt call it cream its not a creamy texture its a little bit more powdery but over all it is a really nice blusher.
Have you tried ELFs new products?.
Love Liv xxxx


  1. How gorgeous! I haven't tried any of their products. After watching your vids and seeing them in your posts I really want to! I don't think they have them in Australia but I'm sure I'll be looking to buy some online soon.

    Have a look at my new post about a singlet top I just made. It's definately your style :)


  2. that blush looks absolutely gorgeous xx

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  3. Would you say it's worth it?



  4. I'm not too keen on the consistancy of these blushers, I bought the colour heartbreaker and it was really hard to work with because it's not creamy it's more powdery. Lovely colours though! x

  5. Siga nosso blog, dê sou comentário, coloque uma opinião de post e participe do nosso primeiro sorteio.
    Bijus :*