Thursday, 19 September 2013

Incoco real nail polish in a nail wrap!

                                                                 Incoco nail strips
Hi everyone another nail post for you today and its going to be about Incoco nail strips. As silly as it sounds being a beauty blogger, and a trained beauty therapist in minx too I have never actually applied nails wraps to my finger nails before. I was sent over this little package of different design nail strips and mini nail files by Incoco. There is so many nail wrap brands out there so what makes these ones any different?. These wraps are made from actual nail polish and each strip also contains a base and top coat but they do not include the usual drying time!. They were extremely easy to put on,  just took them out the sealed packet which keeps the wraps in perfect condition, chose ones to fit my nails, peeled the plastic off the back and stick them onto your nails!. All you then need to do is remove the excess by cutting or filing. They give you all the instructions in each pack on how to use them and the best thing is they last up to 14 days which means no chips!. They have hundreds of designs and the neon and black ones I applied are my favourite, the colours and the designs together look amazing!.
Have you tried Incoco?.
Lots of love
Liv xxxx

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  1. I've only every tried one brand of nail covers,
    But i really like these!