Friday, 27 September 2013

UK Models – UK’S Leading model support service

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up tomorrow morning and realise you’re a full time model? To jump out of bed and sling on your clothes, whack your portfolio under your arm, run out the door and jump onto a bus ready to meet and greet photographers and directors at a casting? Instead of dreaming about all those things, why not work with us to make it happen? 
  We go by the name of UK Models and we are a model support service that has been successfully established for over twelve years. We have a great and contemporary knowledge of the industry and always aim to provide models with a safe and supportive environment to help them kick-start their career. Thanks to all of that we’ve earned ourselves the title of the ‘UK’s number one model support service’.  
In a nutshell, we are a model support service (not an agency) that works alongside models of all ages to establish their strengths, weaknesses and goals, and then, if the model is ready, to assist them in making those goals become a reality. Not only do we offer impartial and honest advice as to whether we feel aspiring models have the right look and character for the industry, we are able to create professional portfolios that they can use throughout their career.
If you open up a magazine and see Cara Delevinge staring back at you and think ‘I wish that was me!’ it gives us great pleasure to tell you that we can certainly be of help! If you log onto our website you will find a free application form that you can fill in and send in to us at your ease. A member of our New Faces team (who have an eye for modelling potential) will then get in touch with you if they think you have what it takes to become a model, and if you are ready and serious about starting your career, you will be invited down to one of our London studios.  
At our studios you will enjoy a day of modelling whilst getting the experience of working with a team of hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists. After they have transformed you, one of our professional photographers will take your pictures (this is the perfect opportunity for you to practice your poses in front of a camera) and at the end, an experienced image consultant will chat with you about the results. Together you can decide if you are suited to modelling, what your strengths are and what areas you could improve on and if you’re really serious about starting your career, you can buy your photos and have them displayed in a portfolio book. 
The idea of this day is to give you a taste of the modelling world. You will experience modelling in a professional environment and have the chance to have your pictures honestly critiqued. But we don’t stop there. For one more year, UK Models promise to give you as much advice and support as you want, from tips on approaching agencies (including the best ones and ones to avoid) to networking and freelancing.  
If this sounds exactly what you’re looking for, log onto our website and look for the free application form we mentioned before. We hope to hear from you soon! 
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  1. would this be available in 13 years time ?? and is this only in the uk ??

  2. This sounds awesome!


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